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Zoë Njemanze, MPH is a consultant and design thinking specialist working to authentically present and address the needs of diverse communities. It was during her undergraduate studies at the University of Texas at Austin where she became familiar with the socio-cultural systems and factors that impact the health and mental well-being of communities of color. Zoë completed a capstone project entitled, Microaggressions: An Emerging Idea that Perpetuates Everyday Challenges, but an Understudied Risk Factor for Mental Health Outcomes in Black Americans (2018). Zoë takes specific interest in microaggressions and supporting one’s self-confidence and self-identity to combat the deleterious effects of racist experiences, a topic explored in her master’s thesis, A Case Study of Texas’ Universities Mental Health Professionals and Microaggressions of Black College Students Attending Predominantly White Institutions. Zoe has since worked with the Hiram Clarke Community Resiliency Project, UTHealth School of Public Health, MobilizeGreen in capacities including, but not limited to, the social determinants of health, project implementation, anti-racism and diversity, equity and inclusion.

Pronouns: she/her