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I joined HMP’s advisory board because people often told me to do what I loved when I was younger. Since graduating from Philadelphia University in 2016 with an international business degree, I’ve traveled the world from Quebec to Tokyo, searching for a purposeful career. When I was an interpreter in Japan, I got to learn many new perspectives through linguistics. While working as a research assistant at The University of Pennsylvania, I’ve engaged in the cutting edge of social, behavioral science related to next-generation HIV prevention technology and its acceptability amongst sexually and gender diverse (SGD) youth. When I was younger, having a resource like the HealthMpowerment app’s articles and forums would have provided an immeasurable improvement in my ability to navigate my gay and trans experiences. It has also helped me realize my passion for creative writing and journalism, galvanizing conversations about sexual health education, relationships, trauma, healing, and perseverance. I also enjoy contributing to research about SGD people’s lived experiences that can someday help achieve full equitable treatment under the law, academia, and society.

Pronouns: she/her