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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Research Consultants (DEI RC)

The DEI RC provides consultation on diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives, research materials and processes, and social media trends within various studies in the BATLab. Additionally, members have the flexibility to create audio, visual, and written content that is available to participants in different research studies, and they assist with participant engagement in forums. This conglomerate comprises twelve individuals living across the United States with varying levels of education, professional, and lived experiences. The DEI RC are part-time UNC-Chapel Hill employees. This workgroup receives mentorship, professional development, and valuable working experience in the research field.

Learn more about the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Research Consultants (DEI RC) here.



Students assist the BATLab in a variety of work, including data analysis, recruitment, content creation for apps, and more.


Faculty, Affiliates & Collaborators

We work alongside colleagues at UNC and with external institutions. Some of our collaborators include:

Allysha Maragh-Bass, PhD, MPHAllysha Maragh-Bass, PhD, MPH
FHI 360
No photo for Tia Morgan, MSTia Morgan, MS
The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill