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STARS is an app-delivered intervention designed with and for young sexual and gender minorities (YSGM) at risk for suicide in Philadelphia. The app aims to reduce YSGM’s suicidal ideation and reinforced the intention to adhere to their safety plan.

STARS will focus on three major skill sets: 1) self-management skills (e.g., setting, and enacting goals to promote positive affect); 2) social skills (e.g., elicitation of social support); and 3) personal skills (e.g., coping with discrimination more effectively and seeking out safe spaces). With the support of peer mentors, YSGM can set goals to shift their sense of mastery (to improve positive affect), engage with a community that understands their needs (to improve social connection), and identify local resources that support their well-being (to improve coping and reduce the impact of discrimination on their well-being). Finally, STARS will promote the use of the Safety Plan by equipping peer mentors to discuss barriers to enact the Safety Plan through scheduled appointments.