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Illustration of four adults, one holding a clipboard, a heart, and a shield as well as two childrenProject Aims

Aim 1: Develop a content framework for the CtM intervention

  • We will search for key words and phrases on Reddit and Twitter (e.g. homophobia/discrimination in healthcare, coming out to providers) to identify posts describing experiences receiving medical care (both positive and negative).
  • We will work with youth to develop an initial list of scenarios/topics based on the social media-derived data

Aim 2: Conduct iterative testing of content prototypes with providers and SGM youth

  • In the Spring, we will invite SGM youth and providers to a two-day workshop to create training scenarios and to role-play/test the content generated


Principal Investigator: Lina Rosengren-Hovee MD, MPH, MS
Study Coordinator: Brady Hanshaw