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Christina Luke graduated from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a Bachelors in Communications Studies and Sports Administration. While at Carolina she worked as a student manager for Carolina Volleyball, served as a resident and multicultural advisor for DHRE, and volunteered as a consultant with student affairs to address conflicts on campus surrounding the Unsung Founders Memorial. After graduation, Christina returned home to Florida and began working on community engagement with the Council on American Islamic Relations, in addition to working in emergency services. In these roles, she has led sensitivity training with the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office on behalf of CAIR regarding the detention and treatment of Muslim inmates. She has helped create presentations and speeches to foster collaboration within the diverse interfaith community in Tampa, Fl. She has also volunteered with the University of South Florida’s Victim Advocacy Center to better understand the culture surrounding consent on college campuses and how the administration can best support victims that come forward. While working in emergency services she became passionate about creating inclusive environments for both patients and professionals. Through this experience, she hopes to become a lifelong academic who utilizes research to advance the quality of life of marginalized communities.

Christina is also a comedian and content creator whose motto is “if we can laugh together we can learn together” and whose mission is to “educate and entertain.” She uses social media to raise awareness surrounding issues she is most passionate about, particularly telling history through a more inclusive lens so that those who have been marginalized know that their history did not begin with their oppression but was interrupted by oppression.

In her free time, Christina enjoys writing, recording, and performing to turn her creative ideas into life.


Pronouns: she/her